Fake quote requests

There seems to be a huge ‘fake’ quote request email scam going on lately. Several times a week I get an email telling me how good I am and how they love my reviews, but something about the wording and language doesn’t add up.

They usually end up sending some kind of attachment, with a claim that its the plans for the work required (similar emails are for a ‘due balance’ to an unknown company requiring payment via an attached invoice).

I do not open attachments from unknown sources. In all probability they will infect your device and monitor app activity for payment/card info, passwords etc.

Now, some of these emails could be genuine, so I do reply saying I do not open attachments, and not one of them has ever replied to question why.

I do always try to respond to email requests, but these fake emails are becoming such a waste of my time, added to the unlimited amount of calls, texts and emails that try to sell me some kind of advertising (I had hoped these would stop with the new data protection laws, but lately it has gotten worse).

But worse still is I have to wonder how many people fall for these emails and open the attachment. How many people have had passwords and bank details stolen, all with the hope of gaining honest work to put food on the table. They probably have no idea that it even happened.