Scam domain sales call?

I received a phone call this morning from a Manchester based company called Ceom.

They claimed that a Mr Steven Sanderson was trying to buy the .com of my web address. No further info could be given due to the data protection laws stated.

I was informed that as the owner of the address I had first rights to buy it before he could. This obviously comes at a high price, approx £150 with vat.

I said that I was unprepared to pay that fee as a small business, to which I was told they could speak to the manager about discounting the Vat to save me some money.

Again, I declined and said I would face whatever it was that Mr Steven Sanderson had in store for me.

It was left at that, with only a snide remark that come lunchtime tomorrow if I typed in the .com of my web address I would find out what Mr Steven Sanderson had planned for the site.

I immediately went to my domain supplier, who has a sale on and purchased my .com for £8.39, just to be sure....