Product testing for PPE Work solutions

I recently received an email from Dean Else regarding my blog. Dean is the owner of PPE work solutions, an ecommerce company based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, who specialise in selling painting and decorating supplies.

Dean said 'we are looking collaborate with business' like yourself and offer you some free supplies to review on your blog.'

I accepted, but with the caveat that the review will be honest, whether good or bad. Dean accepted this and sent me over a few products, of my choosing, from his website.

ProDec Advance 12" x 1.75" Medium Pile Microfibre Roller - I have had issues getting the Picasso rollers I like recently, so I’m really keen to find a suitable replacement. This roller looked hopeful.

I have managed to use it on a few jobs, and the roller itself is lovely. Good paint pick up and application and lays off nicely with minimal 'orange peel'.

My only issue is its a little tight fitting on the Purdy adjustable frame I use. It does fit, but not all the way and not if there is any dry paint on the arms. That said some rollers are too loose and wobble around, so its not necessarily a bad thing.

ProDec Ice fusion mini 4'' rollers
I have stopped using rollers for woodwork in most scenarios, its not worth it, getting hairs in a smooth paint finish and I never could get on with the foam ones, as they don't hold enough paint.

But then along came the ice fusion. I have previously tried a 12'' in emulsion, but don't rate it, but I have heard great things about the 4''.

This roller is fantastic, it holds a lot of paint and can be used, from new, with finishing coats without any issues of hair loss.

The only issue is that they do not clean out well or last long. They go rather flat and stop holding as much paint pretty quickly.

They are cheap enough to buy and throw away after a few jobs though, so I wouldn't worry about it.

ProDec Advance X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes

ProDec Advance X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes

I used these brushes with a few different products and initially did not want to be impressed. As I have written in another blog, the market is saturated with brushes these days and the standard is very high with the likes of Fossa and Monarch.

I started off using this with Benjamin Moore's aura exterior satin. It picked up plenty of paint, spread it out and laying off nicely without any hair loss.

Its everything you want from a brush. I have since used it to cut in emulsion and again, it does the job well. I can't really criticize it other than to say the Fossa viper is cheaper to buy (though currently comes in less size options) and the Fossa feels better in the hand.

Prodec contoured plastic mini scraper

ProDec Contoured Plastic Mini Scraper

This is a nice mini scrapper and feels good in the hand.

I had high hopes for it, but within minutes the blade snapped. As it only comes with one and I’m not willing to waste money on more that may snap, I won't be using it again.

ProDec Advance 24mm x 50m Precision Edge Masking Tape

ProDec Advance 24mm x 50m Precision Edge Masking Tape

I used this to mask up a job on some oak beams and new PVC windows. The tape adhered well to the oak (Fossa TrueMask 82 had trouble with adhesion).

The tape came off cleanly and easily with no bleed underneath. Its well priced at £3.79 - significantly cheaper than some of its rivels. The only real issue is you can only leave it down for 24hrs.

Many thanks to Dean for getting in touch and letting me try out some of the products available