Centurion brush review


Centurion brushes got in contact with me a little while back, after seeing my blog. They wanted to know if I would be interested in trying out some of the brushes in their range. They are a wholesaler with over 27,000 products, from ironmongery, to gardening and plumbing supplies.

They say they have ‘a dedicated Customer Service team, nationwide network of Area Sales Managers, 24 hour online ordering and 99.5% picking and order accuracy, we offer much more than your average wholesaler.’

Once I received the brushes my initial thoughts were that they looked and felt cheap and would not suffice for a professional decorator. So in my eyes I was reviewing them on behalf of the average DIY user. My wife commented that the packaging and handles felt cheap, but the bristles felt good.

To look at, they put me in mind of Harris brushes. So I contacted Centurion to ask where in the market the brushes were aimed, as this would be the only way to do a fair review. The response I got back was that they were for professional and DIY users and that their competition is with Harris and Diall.

I was sent 2 ranges in various sizes to try. The Platinum range and the Craftsmen pro. Both have Polyester Bristles and stainless Steel Ferrules, but the Craftsmen has a wooden handle, whereas the Platinum has a cheap plastic one, much like Harris and Diall brushes. I do wonder if they are made by the same company, but haven’t done a side by side comparison, so can’t say how similar they are, but they do look the same.

As far as prices go a 1" Platinum or Craftsmen pro costs £1.99. A 3’’ is £4.99 and a 5 piece set of Craftsmen pro brushes, with brush comb is £14.99.

So more importantly what were they like to use? Both ranges were comfortable to hold. I used them in a range of products, from Sandtex masonry, Zinsser gardz, wallpaper paste, Valspar emulsions, to a large portion of the Benjamin Moore paints that I mostly use - Advance satin, Aura Matte and Eggshell, ceiling paint, Stix and fresh start primers and the new scuff-x.

Initially both ranges had some hair loss, maybe 4 or 5, but not much of an issue after this. They held a good amount of paint, spread and lay off well, though a little springy for my liking. I was able to cut in nice sharp lines quickly and easily. The Craftsmen pro definitely had the edge over the Platinum range and was the higher quality of the two, performing particularly well when painting with water based woodwork finishes.

When I opened the delivery from Centurion I was not impressed and did not want to like the brushes, and while they are not my favourites, or the best quality (something they do not claim to be) they did, and still do what they are intended for. I will continue to use them and for the price you could do far worse than to buy a set.

Thank you to Kerri from Centurion brushes for getting in contact and allowing me to review the brushes. For further info please visit their website at https://www.centurioneurope.co.uk/