Betsy paint mate

I was contacted recently by Steeve from the Betsy group limited. After having read my blog they wondered if I could try out their product - the Betsy paint mate. I had some initial concerns, like why so many paint tools have 'mate' in the title. I replied to Steeve saying 'I'd be happy to try it out. It does look a little cumbersome and a little DIY in the video, but it would be good to take a closer look.'

The video I refer to is this one:

Having received the Betsy Paint mate I took it to show some customers. Reactions were mostly along the lines of laughing and saying its not the sort of thing they expect a professional like myself to wear and it looks too cheap and like a DIY tool!

I decided to give it a go anyway and see how it was from a practical side. Whilst it frees up your hands for working at height, switching between high and low areas becomes an issue - as you can not bend or move far without spilling paint. I work quite quickly and so being restricted in this way is going to cost money. I found the pots to be on the small side and when you consider that you can only put a very small amount of paint in them, to avoid spillage, you spend a lot of time refilling the pots.

I'm not sold on this at all. Wearing it is cumbersome and they look cheap and unprofessional. Perhaps it would work fine for a DIYer who potentially works at a slower pace. Another concern is that this is held too close to my workwear. As a professional I like to keep my uniform looking as clean as possible and I don't think it would take long to have paint all over my worktop.

After posting a picture on social media of me wearing this I'm not convinced that many people would be willing to give this a go. Certainly, from the ridicule I received on Twitter from fellow decorators, I think they can forget the professional market completely! Comments were all long the lines of 'that's the most ridiculous invention I've seen!' and 'Please get that off before anyone else sees you...'

The comments on Facebook from customers and friends were 50/50 as to whether it was good. Comments varied from 'I assumed it was something from Mothercare!' to '👍 if it helps why not !!'

Many thanks to the Betsy group ltd for getting in touch and sending me the product for a review