Dunlop Pro decor range

I have been meaning to do a blog on Dunlop's range of filling products for quite some time, but have only just found enough time to do it. (Apologies Dunlop - I have been promising for some time now).

Launched in 2013, Pro Décor is Dunlop’s revolutionary range of preparation products for decorating, designed to provide professional decorators, tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts alike with the perfect surface prior to painting or wallpapering.

Pro Décor is formulated with Hydroloc™ technology – a pioneering system which means the product dries through chemical reaction rather than water evaporation. Drying times are reduced and finishes dry uniformly throughout – whatever the thickness.

These products are not only fantastic at what they do, they also dry quickly, allowing you to get on with the job and speed up completion times.

Here's a run down of the main ones that I use on almost on every job (where necessary). There are still a fair few others that I am yet to try, but if they are as good as the ones I use now they will be worth trying!

Fine surface Filler - This stuff is great for smoothing out imperfections and small knicks in woodwork. It dries in less than an hour in most cases and adheres extremely well. It can be quite hard to sand and I find its best to leave it as smooth as possible to minimise this. I used to use 2 pac filler for this purpose but this is much easier to use and alot less smelly! My only complaint would be that it is for interiors only, Dunlop need to make an exterior version.

Lightweight filler - This is a bit like other tub fillers (red devil etc). I find adding a little moisture useful to make it nice and workable. I use this mainly in between coats for small wall and ceiling imperfections that may have been missed first time round and for topping up the rapid repair filler.

Rapid repair - This is a massive time saver. This gets used all the time, as its dry in only 90 minutes, its great for filling old screw holes and other plaster repairs around switches etc. It does need a light fill over the top to make it nice and smooth, though waiting 20 minutes and wiping with a wet sponge does help! There is also a rapid repair mortar for external jobs that I have also used, in a pinch, internally. To be honest I can't really tell what the difference is, other than the pack sizes.

Flexible Acrylic filler (caulk) - This is the answer to all the problems with 'crazing' that happens over normal cheap caulk. Its over-paintable in just 1 hour, though I prefer to leave it overnight. It smooths out easily with a wet finger, is a nice consistancy and doesn't block up the nozzle half way through, like I have found with many others.

My only complaint would be lack of availability, there are no local shops that sell it, so I always stock up online at Mypaintbrush.