Peterson's Predator synthetic brushes

I had a little surprise delivery last weekend of Some paint brushes, a football, travel mug and notepad. There was a letter accompanying the package that said I had been selected by their social media team to review the Peterson's synthetic paint brush 3 pack.


I have not heard of this company before and so did a bit of research on their website. They say that:

''Petersons is a brand from Decor Ireland Ltd. Petersons has long been established in the painting and decorating market, offering a concise range of decorating tools and equipment that meets all the basic requirements for a paint project, under one brand. Petersons’ aim is to offer quality, well packaged products at attractive. Along with this, Petersons constantly innovate and develop new products which ensures that they maintain their position at the cutting edge of the market.

Peterson's have 5 ranges, with the Predator range being the second highest quality in the range - so a good mid range brush. They are quite cheaply priced at £8.50 for a pack of 3 - a 1'', 1.5'' and 2'' brush.

The specification on their website states that they are:

• 100% synthetic SRT filament filling to provide a smooth finish
• Long length out gives extra workability
• Untreated wooden handle absorbs excess moisture from hands when in use
• Stainless steel square-edge ferrule resists rusting and provides sharper cutting-in
• Use with water and oil-based coatings
• Packaged in a re-usable cardboard packaging to help keep its shape
• Available in 3 pack (1 x 1”, 1 x 1.5”, 1 x 2”)

I notice they are in plastic packaging and not reusable cardboard packaging as described above. This appears to be an error in the marketing on the website, as the picture on the website is also in a plastic package.

Upon removing from the package I noticed a few curled, stray hairs on the 2''. This could be a one off, though its hard to say without seeing more of the brushes.

I have used the 2'' brush on a couple of jobs this week, unfortunately I haven't had any woodwork to trial them on yet, so this is reviewing them in Benjamin Moore Aura emulsion only.

They hold a good amount of emulsion and spread it quite well, though I find them a little too 'springy' for my liking. Throughout my 2 jobs I only had 1 hair loss (asides from the few I cut off initially).

Whilst I was able to cut in a good sharp line to the ceiling, it was more effort than it should have been to control the shape. The bristles do not hold their shape well and spread out in clumps.

Washing out was easy and cleaned out very well.

Overall I'd say that whilst they aren't fantastic, they are a good budget brush and you can do far worse than to buy these. I will continue to trial them and update if/when necessary.

Thanks to Peterson's for letting me try out their brushes. You can purchase them from Peterson's website here