Repaircare International training

Yesterday we attended a course run by Dutch company Repair care International. Repair care allows for repairs to be made to windows, doors, fascias...well pretty much any exterior joinery and woodwork, as well as bricks, slate and even cast iron!

Using a router to remove wood rot

It can be used as a preventative to rot by closing up ends of timber and is a much better alternative to splicing in new wood or traditional powdered and two pack filler repairs.

Although quite an expensive system to use, it makes more permanent repairs and is a lot cheaper than window replacement, with less upheaval (most repairs can be made in situe). Companies such as the national trust use the system to maintain their properties and preserve the original joinery of their buildings.

So what does the course cover? Lots of examples of use are shown and discussed, along with pictures and videos of real case studies. The causes and preventative measures of rot and other failures such as paint breakdown are shown and discussed. They teach you how to use the product itself, as well as how to remove the old rotten wood and what the differences are between the various types and even let you try out some of the repair methods for yourself.

A trial repair made using the Repair care system

The course also covers aspects such as costing the material and how to make a full inspection and assessment of a job.

It was well worth attending the course and trying out the product for yourself, they can even guarantee work completed after the course has been attended. The course lasts around 6 hours and even includes lunch and refreshments!

Many thanks to Repair care international for providing the course and to Swindon's Colour centre for hosting the event.