Fox masking tape

I have been trying out some masking tape from the Fox range from Mypaintbrush recently

Along side the standard Scotch blue the Fox blue outperformed it. It has similar level of tack, but I find it comes off the roll cleaner. As you can see from the pic the 3M tears as it comes off the roll. I find this very annoying as it wastes time, especially when attached to the handmasker, as you have to remove it and then reset up the masker.

Another plus is how cheap it is. Including vat for 1.5" its only £3.04 vs £7.99 for Scotch blue.

Fox blue is a 14 day UV resistant interior/exterior tape.

I used it under a sill on fresh painted walls recently, with no bleed and it came off clean without pulling the emulsion off. This is not the recommended tape for no bleed, they have the green tape for clean sharp edges. With further use I have found that the blue tape gets a small amount of bleed, the edge is not as sharp as it could be, but sticks OK to recently painted surfaces without pulling off the paint. I find its good for my hand-masker on kitchen cupboards, windows, bathrooms etc where bleed resistance isn't needed.


So on to the Green. The green is also interior/exterior use, but is used for sharp, clean lines. I have been using it this week on a Kitchen, taping the inside edges of the oak cupboards to protect from the painting of the exteriors. This has pulled off easily and cleanly with no bleed through. I have also used this round fixings and fittings with no bleed. This costs £2.54 for a roll of 1", compared to my usual cost of £3.08 for Tesa yellow

As a little test I did try it on a wall to see if it worked before I risked it on a real job, here's the result - nice sharp lines.







I also did a test on some glass, as I'd read someone saying it didn't work. As far as I can tell this was user error and was not correctly applied. I have yet to see any bleeding on any surfaces I have used it on.



I have since done a test on a few brands of tape on a piece of plasterboard. In the picture below you can see they mostly performed OK, apart from the Tesa yellow, which is a surprise, as I use this a lot. The Scotch and the frog left the 'fattest' edges, but then they are the thickest tapes and are not as easy to work with to get into position.

From top to bottom the tapes are (the blue/grey colour being where the tape was placed):

Prodec advance
Purple Axus
Yellow Tessa
Green Fox
Green frog
Scotch blue with edge lock

I have just purchased some of the Fox general tape which so far I am not so impressed with, but will continue to use what I have to give it a fair trial. Also due to the result of the above test I have been sent some more Tesa, yellow and pink to retry the test. As soon as I have the results I will post them here.