Bentley triangular trim brush

I was sent this by the Painters pitstop forum to try out and review for them. I have been giving it a go all week. My first impression is it looks cheaply made, so wasn't expecting much.


First trial was making some pastry. It got into the corners of the pie really well whilst applying an even coat of egg white.

Next up was some Tikkurila emulsion. At first I was finding an excuse to use it. I used it to cut in small areas between the window sills and splashbacks and between the cooker hood and splashbacks. It cut in very easily and sharply.







I then came across an area I couldn't quite fit a normal brush into very well, due to the angle, so out it came again and did the job perfectly well.

I actually liked using it and ended up putting it in Otex to prime the smaller framework areas of some Kitchen cupboards and again can't fault it. Sharp cutting in and lays off well.

I never had a single bristle loss during use either.

Its definitely a good brush to have in the collection and I will continue to use it, not just for the odd difficult job either! You can buy them from Mypaintbrush. They have more in the range too and I would definitely like to try the others, though I already have too many brushes so will have to wait to try them out.