It's the end of my working year....

I have a baby due in under a week! So with that I have taken the rest of the year off to be with my wife and at some point, baby.

This year I managed to complete a big range of projects: 31 Bedrooms, 21 Bathrooms, 3 Cloakrooms, 13 Kitchen, 4 Utility, 14 Lounge, 7 Dining room, 3 Studies, 17 Hall, stairs and landing, 1 snug, 1 Nursery, 1 Conservatory, 1 Therapy room, 1 Office, 1 Foyer, 1 Party room, 7 Exteriors, 1 piece of furniture

I have decided that for the foreseeable future I will not be taking on any exterior projects, this being partly down to the unreliable UK weather and also down to an injury to my shoulder, that reappears whenever I start lifting my ladders around. With a baby due I need to have a more reliable workload and as exteriors only make up a small percentage of what I do, its not going to make a huge difference to my workload.

I have currently stopped taking requests for quotes until the new year, as I am already booked till the end of June, which is incredible!

I hope you all have a good Christmas and get some time off. Thanks to all my customers new and old, I look forward to working on future projects for you all.