Where to make your own website?

I have had a few sites over the years which I will list with my reasons for moving so you can make an informed decision on your site build

I know nothing of code so this may be useful to you, but have learnt a little about SEO (via lots of Google searching), which means I appear quite prominently on Google.

I started with a vistaprint one, but quickly found it lacked editability when you get to know a few things and some of the things it lacked made it difficult for search engine 'bots' to rank your page.

So I moved to 1&1 which was great. Can't fault it as a site builder really, except one thing. Occasionally my site would be down for no reason and wouldn't get much out of them other than we are working on it and should be back tomorrow.

I moved from there to Google sites because I had made a site for a local canoe club and found it did what I needed but was FREE! Google sites isn't bad for a freebie. Occasional glitches but nothing major. I'd happily build a site on there again.

That was great until everyone started viewing more on mobile devices. Google sites can be set to automatically adjust to a mobile viewing, but its not great at it.

So that leads to the one I have now which is built on Squarespace. I listen to a lot of podcasts and anyone else that does I'm sure will have heard of Squarespace, as they sponsor a lot. There are often discount codes available via these podcasts.

Very easy drop and drag system. Not too expensive and most importantly automatically adjusts for mobile viewing. They are actually used by quite a few major brands now. Can't think who off the top of my head but I know Scroobius Pip does, so check his site out as an example.

They don't have a massive selection of templates, but what they have is very good. They also have 24/7 help.

I think the main thing to remember wherever you build is to keep it simple and always use black text on a white, or pale background. This makes it easy to read. coloured text and background may look good but is hard for some people to read.