Krud Kutter - first use

I purchased Krud Kutter after reading a lot online from people who use it for all kinds of jobs. In the decorating industry it seems to be used as a degreaser before painting (especially Kitchen units) and removing wallpaper paste residue from walls.

But what caught my interest the most is the claim that it could be used to remove Zinsser B.I.N. primer from brushes.

If you don't know this is a multi purpose, shellac based primer that sticks to a wide variety of problem surfaces. The downside is clean up. It dries very rapidly, even as you apply it! Generally I'd use Methylated spirit to clean the brush after use, but this is nasty smelly stuff - not good for you or the environment and needs special care with disposal of waste material.

So I ordered a large container of Krud Kutter original from and figured I'd give it a go.

Whilst waiting for it to arrive I saw the perfect test for it. I used B.I.N. primer on a job and wrapped the brush up in a plastic bag to await my order. Problem is I was so busy I forgot about the brush in the back of the van for a few days!

When I finally spotted the brush in the van I whipped it out and grabbed the Krud Kutter. I put a small amount in a bucket, gave the brush a good dunk and went off for 5 minutes for a cuppa.

On return I gave it a few more dunks and couldn't believe it, it had worked! I gave it a wipe with a sponge and a rinse in the sink and was done. It seemed to have cleaned it better than Methylated spirit and smelled a lot better.

I think perhaps a longer soak or a secondary clean may have cleaned off more of the dry paint from the stock and handle. I do usually change meths 3 or 4 times on a cleaning job, so for one lot of Krud Kutter it had done a great job.

Perhaps the only downside was the cost, with delivery it was £25.93 for 3.79L - but if I'd placed a bigger order I could have got free delivery, making it £16.66. This works out at £4.39 a litre making it cheaper than buying Meths from Brewers and a whole lot better for the environment.

I haven't had a chance to try it on anything else yet, but if it can clean off half dried shellac paint from a brush, anything else should be a breeze!