The Fox paint brush

In my recent purchase from I recevied a bonus item - a 2" fox paintbrush.  So this afternoon I gave it a quick trial.

My first thoughts were that it looked and felt a bit cheap, but then it is a very reasonably priced brush. You can buy a bundle of 1", 1.5" and 2" for only £13.19

Its shorter haired than the brushes I usually use, kind of reminding me of my apprentice days when all I was given to use was a Hamilton perfection. The shorter hairs making it a bit stiffer than other brushes.

First impressions aside I ran my fingers through the hairs and did have a loose hair - nothing on the scale of some brushes though. So first I used it to cut in a ceiling. I found it held a very good amount of paint and because of the stiffness it was easy to spread out and lay off. Also the bristles held together & didn't all separate as with some brushes

Next for proper cutting in - around lights. The brush formed a very nice cutting in edge and so had no issues.

With ceilings done I decided to continue using the brush on the walls. I found it was quick to work with when fully loaded and it spread the paint with ease, I did lose one more hair at this point too.

Cutting in around the ceiling I found it formed a nice cutting in edge again, but perhaps felt a little rounded for me.

Overall a very good brush. DIYer's can't go wrong for the price and pro's would definitely find plenty of use for it. They are bringing out more sizes soon and I think a 3" would fly through cutting in, but I'd stick to my usual's for getting those crisp cutting in lines and use this for ceilings and round skirting boards etc.

It takes time to get used to a new brush and I will continue to use it. Next week I'll try using it on trim with waterbased satin and see how that goes.

Edit (27/01/14)

- Used this brush again today on walls, ceilings and woodwork (Zinsser perma-white). Have to say it excelled in the woodwork area! Spreads the paint out with ease, better than my trusty Purdys. Layed off nice too. Cutting in was good, but I still think a less chunky, thinner tipped brush would be better. I think having a combo of The fox with a smaller Purdy for cutting in would work really well.

It may be that it just needs more time to work in, like the older brushes did. Time will tell!

Edit (24/01/15)

I pretty much only use the fox now for everything. Its a fantastic brush and the range is still growing to include laying off brushes and silver foxes, along with wallpaper brushes etc too. It did take getting used to, but doesn't everything?