Why don't Dulux select guarantee their own products?

Some time back I posted on my Facebook wall that Dulux Select will not guarantee work by their members completed with Dulux retail paints (meaning Dulux paint from Homebase etc).

The way I see it as that these are 2 different brands, as shown by the fact they have 2 different logos. (note: since originally posting this blog the logo's have been changed
to be the same, the only difference being the trade version says 'trade' underneath - adding to more confusion between the differences of the two products)

My personal opinion was that the retail paint is an inferior product, I do not use it myself mainly due to the fact that it contains less pigment and so does not cover as well as the trade paints (I usually end up applying a few more coats than Trade, depending on the colour). Though for the record I don't use that many Dulux trade products either, as I think there are better products out there, buts that's another matter.

However I was under the impression when I joined Dulux select that they guaranteed my work, as long as it was completed with Akzo nobel products. I asked on many occasions, even in person during my assessment about using other brands, which they said would be OK, just not guaranteed by them - never was it mentioned that Dulux retail wasn't covered.

Until the newsletter in the post, when I saw this statement about whats not covered by the guarantee: 'When the customer is providing the paint and it is Dulux retail paint or another brand'

 I contacted Dulux Select - who didn't seem to know why they don't cover it - only that its in the Select members terms and conditions. So they forwarded my question to Akzo nobel.

Its taken a while, but I have a response from them as to why not (in my opinion they said they guarantee all work completed with Akzo nobel products and this goes against this - I specifically asked whether it was because they thought the same as me - that its an inferior product and wouldn't last). On Friday I recieved this voicemail:

'The scheme has always advocated the use of trade paints, on the premise that tradespeople would know the best products to use for the job.

The retail paint is formulated for amatuers to use, otherwise non-professional people. That's not to say that Akzo nobel consider it to be an inferior product, but obviously its a different market'

Personally I still do not think that this really answers the question. I think that the whole thing,  excuse the pun, paints Dulux in a bad light. The Dulux retail colour books all advertise the use of Dulux select decorators, as does the website. Yet members can't choose to use those products without the customer losing their guarantee.

So it still leaves the question - why won't Dulux guarantee one of there own products?